Why is Smartthings stagnant

There are features that I feel should have been part of smartthings from the get go but were not. Samsung purchased smartthings and we still have not seen simple improvements. We do not have the ability to take a picture and use it as an icon and when you make a text label it only shows when you shake your device. If we cannot customize the icon then we should at least be able to have the text label show all the time instead of having to shake the device and it pops up for seconds. The reason people use android instead of ios is for customization. There are other issues where it shows devices as on when they are off and as far as adding new devices like cameras and thermostats it is as if smartthings is at a standstill. When are we going to be impressed that Samsung purchased smarthings?

It takes a company quite a lot of time to add and allocate resources after being acquired.

Pre-Samsung, SmartThings was doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes to improve reliability, but was also searching for profit potential.

Now they have a big solution on the horizon (Hub V2 with local processing) but this is major development in architecture (and they have a new release of the mobile apps being finalized carefully which loads 10x or more faster).

So… Not stagnant, just slow but momentum is increasing, I think (Lots of new documention updates too…).

One ST engineer said that they have 12,000 Device Types defined. I don’t understand that number. Since, as you noted, some prominent devices don’t have any support yet.

If you are an Android user who is into customization, you might like SharpTools which adds Tasker integration for SmartThings.

Using Tasker, you can setup widgets on your homescreen using your custom pictures to reflect the current Thing state, or setup voice commands to control your home, or anything else Tasker and its vast set of plugins can do.

I’m also working on an updated ‘controller’ UI for SharpTools which follows the Android material design guidelines and allows you to customize the look through themes:

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Big fan of your program! Still figuring everything out, though. When will the updated UI be released?

You can use the updated UI today, by joining the Alpha test group. I just pushed an update to the alpha group last night that added a handful of requested device ‘cards’, fixed some bugs, and added some polish.

My typical approach with new releases is to have them hit the alpha group and let them have at it for at least a week. If there are no bugs (or high priority change requests), I push it out to the release channel after a week. This is a pretty big UI change for SharpTools, so I figure there would be a few rounds of alpha releases before ‘shipping.’

Edit: The new UI is now released so anyone can use it.