Why is it so hard to find the login screen for the IDE?

(Mike T) #1

If you want to log in to see your devices and hub, create an app, etc. shouldn’t the login screen be easy to find?

the page you need is https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ and it doesn’t seem to be linked to anywhere obvious that I can find.

(John S) #2

Developer Page, left column:

Getting Started
SmartApps let users connect devices, actions, and external services to create automations.
Device Type Handlers parse raw messages from devices to create standardized capabilities for developers to use.
Browse our developer documentation.
Simulate devices and start building with our web-based IDE.

There it is!

(Keith Croshaw) #3

I agree, I had to bookmark it.

(Brice; SmartRulesApp.com) #4

I’ve found that http://ide.smartthings.com redirects there and its easier to remember.

(Andrew Mager) #5

Good feedback guys. We are redesigning our developer portal and we will make it much easier to find.