Why battery life (Arrival Sensor) is so short

  • in two months to replace batteries once time.
  • are there other ways for problem.
    Thanks. :sunglasses:

Yes, I have one too and they definitely go through batteries very quickly. I have resolved to just buy these. Twenty batteries should last at least at least three years and it only costs $6.21

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According to the event log, the battery in my arrival sensor went from 100% to 15% in just 45 minutes:

Something definitely wrong there. I find that my sensors last about 4-6 weeks on a battery. Do you have a separate battery tester that can see if it’s really drained?

Thanks @Jimxenus. I appreciate your insight.

The battery’s currently at 1%. Since the arrival sensor was tricky to pair (it was necessary to reboot the hub and reset the sensor to get it it working), I’ll wait 'til tomorrow morning to see if it dies and then test the battery.

The sensor is in my car, which is currently parked in the driveway and it’s pretty cold outside (5 degrees Fahrenheit). I just looked at the spec, and the operating temperature for this device is 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In Colorado, there are lots of days every year that fall outside this range. I suspect this sensor would do better in California or Florida.