Arrival sensor gen2 battery life


Wondered what people were seeing battery life wise with the gen2 arrival sensor? I have two less than 2 weeks old and one reports 38% and another 50%. These are supposed to have improved battery life over gen1.
Disappointed? Slightly more than a little here! :confused:

Anyone know what the expected life span of the battery are for these? I was hoping a year minimum but the rate they are depleting I would be lucky to get a month.

I got about 3 months out of mine.

3 months seems about right for me as well.

What’s your source for this information? As far as I know, the circuitry is exactly the same as the originals, they’re just in a smaller case.

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What he said. As of January 2016, there is truly only one version of our Presence/Arrival sensor. The only change is the plastic enclosure.

Here from your own team:

Sounds like I’ve been mislead then. Again not good. :rage:

Sorry for any confusion! That statement is true, though for the Arrival sensor specifically it’s the same electronics as before. All of the other sensors are new electronics and new enclosures. The Arrival is just a new enclosure.

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I’m experiencing the same thing. Oddly enough, I received two as well and the battery life on the two of mine are exactly the same as yours 38% and 50% and they’re roughly 2 weeks old. Pretty disappointed if this is truly the case. Perhaps a defective set of shipments or maybe there is a defect on the reporting of the battery life? Looking for any input folks may have before I contact ST and tell them that I’m sending these things back for something that’s worth the money.

I’ve had my Presence sensor since early October, it’s now at 38%. I don’t understand why it’s going down so fast

The rest of the items were installed in late November, they still seem to be dropping fairly fast.

Pretty disappointed that we might need to replace batteries every month. I’m hoping the reporting is flawed as it’s difficult to report battery life of a small battery. I’m going to see when it fails first.

My sensors were about 50% out of the box (two of them). I’ll be looking for replacement batteries this week as they are now in the 18-25% range.