Halloween 2017--Planning Anything Fun with Automation?

Planning any interesting automations for Halloween this year? :jack_o_lantern:

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the “holidays” list in the project report section of the quick browse lisrs in the community – created wiki. Lots of cool stuff there, including project reports on past Halloween creations. :ghost:

The “impress your friends” list also has some cool stuff, including a magic wand. :wink:


If you’re planning anything new this year, show us the pics! :sunglasses:

We’re keeping it simple this year, just adding a Hue light strip to the front window with the color changes and turning on the Kuna lantern Halloween message which is motion activated as people approach the front door. That one was really popular last year. :japanese_ogre::skull_and_crossbones:️:ghost::alien::robot:

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And if you have hue lights and want something super simple, check this out:

I love their hue Go Jack o Lantern! I may steal that idea. :wink:


The $1.99 Halloween Hue app doesn’t work with SmartThings, but does work with the hue motion sensor, the hue bridge, and comes with sound effects. So again, super simple easy Halloween automation.


Hue Halloween for Philips Hue by iMakeStuff



There are some creative ideas in the posts linked from the Wiki, but I’m surprised there aren’t more Halloween ideas.

I don’t have any plans for fun Halloween themed ideas, but looking forward to what others post. My son just gets a kick of out me telling Alexa/Google to turn on the Halloween Lights or turn on the Pumpkin… but then again he’s only 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I usually try to do something fun and creative on Halloween, but this is the first year I’ve had SmartThings. For reference, I usually sit out on the front porch with the house decorated up and in costume to pass out the candy. In the past I’ve been a mad scientist with a lab…

A Man in Black doing an autopsy on an alien pulled from the crashed UFO…

And last year I was Doctor Nefario, complete with fart gun…

This year I am going to be a bit of a mad dentist…been trying to build up the guts to ask our dentist for sample floss and toothbrushes to pass out with the candy. And this year I’m going to add some simple and basic smart home effects.

We have two sets of windows the kids walk past as they follow the sidewalk toward the porch. When they pass the first window, it will have a sheet or screen covering it, and a spot will turn on bright white, casting the shadow of some person or creature or something and the light will start flashing. When they get to the next window, a green light will come on shining upwards illuminating a hanging skeleton head, and it too will start flashing. Then as they approach the porch, the porch lights turn from white to dark red, and the sound of a dentist’s drill will start playing loudly. I’ll be standing on the porch next to a recliner in a bloody lab coat, with a bloody mask and magnifying glasses, with a bunch of bloody teeth in a steel bowl on the table next to me, that will also have a set of dental cleaning tools. In my hand will be a regular black and decker drill. Then, when they leave, the flashing lights turn off and the porch lights turn back to white.

I’ve got it all set up in WebCore, with the action starting when I initiate a routine (I couldn’t get the motion sensor to work right, it was picking up too much motion). Light action sequence is based on time delays.
The drilling sound is simply something I set up as my text notification sound; and my phone will be tied to speakers and WebCore will send a text message to me as part of the piston.

Nothing fancy, but it is only my second piston in WebCore.


I was thinking of taking one of my motion sensors and sticking it to the top of my entry, pointing down, so it only gets triggered when someone’s really close to the front door.

Then I was thinking of painting some creepy symbols on the door itself with laundry detergent and rigging up a black light pointed towards the door.

Then, when the motion sensor is tripped, it turns on the black light to reveal the symbols & plays some spooky sounds via speakers. Pretty simple, but it should be fun.

Do you guys think the standard smartthings indoor motion sensor could handle that for one night? A couple false alarms is fine, but if it goes off every few minutes, that would get pretty annoying. Obviously, it’s not ideal to use an indoor motion sensor outside, but I don’t have an outdoor motion sensor and a really limited budget at the moment.

So as it happened, my local Sears had a couple of Hue Go’s on clearance and I got one for $30. (Score!)

Then I just stuck a window cling jack-o’-lantern face on it. Instant Halloween! :sunglasses:

I had this going all night. I used the native LIFX capabilities.

48 LIFX Bulbs
Halloween Theme
Candle Flicker Effect

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Poor quality video of my setup. I had to use my tablet, which doesn’t have as good of a low light camera because the triggered dental drill audio wouldn’t play on my phone if I was recording on it. But by using my tablet, I had to unplug it from the sound system and lost all of the background sound effects going on. But this gives you a bit of an idea of what folks saw walking down the sidewalk.

Also missing is me in dentist get up sitting next to the table with jaw pincers in hand passing out candy. Here’s the best shot I could find from the costume contest at work for reference.



any scary sounds that can be played if/when Ring doorbell is pressed? i have barking dogs set, but not sure how/where to change that