Home Power Monitoring

(Travis Roy) #1

Anybody have any suggestions for a whole house power monitoring solution? Something that just shows consumption?

(Jason Mok) #2

This is V1, going for $29.99 at the moment

This is V2

Both works with SmartThings

(Travis Roy) #3

What’s the differences between V1 and V2?

(Jason Mok) #4

Basically offers more report.

according to this thread:

V1 shows kwh and watts.
V2 shows amps, volts, kwh, and watts among other improvements.

personally, i only got v1 and not planning for v2

(Michael Barry) #5

V1 is battery powered, V2 is powered from the electrical box.


@sc00tz @jabbera, I have v1 metering clamps and it’s powered via a USB port in the bottom of the device from an outlet as it’s primary source, with 4 AA batteries (inside) as a backup.

Running off AC provide constant updates, vs timed updates when running on batteries (slow, but conserves them).

The price of the v1 is really good, and for me I just log watts (low, current, and high) in the device tile in the ST app, and use https://www.grovestreams.com/ to track and graph usage.

(Matthew Whited) #7

V1 has a transformer brick so you don’t have to run it from batteries.

(Tracy Fleming) #8

When you say both work in Smartthings do you mean out of the box or with customer apps or code?

(Jason Mok) #9

using stock SmartThings apps on V1. I think V2 needs custom app, I’m not sure at this point.

(Scott) #10

V1 can be powered by either batteries or AC. Just installed one earlier this week.

(Steve Bass) #11

Can you show a pic of how it looks and works on the dashboard?

(Võ Thanh Minh) #12

I need name of device work 220v, 50hz and compatible with smartthings. Thank you