Who turned on the light?

I’ve been using Samsung Smartthings to make life easier for past 3 or so years. However, someone in my family seems to think it is very funny to turn things on or off at the most inopportune moment.

Smartthings event log is pretty helpful usually in diagnosing what APP or routine is causing a problem except for when user manually triggers ON or OFF action from the app. I just get ‘off/on command was sent to “device”’.

Is there a way to tie event log to the which account it was triggered from? I’m losing my mind here and pretty close to just chucking the whole Smartthing ecosystem into the pond at work.

example of log shown below.

off command was sent to Daylight

Name Value
archivable true
commandId 289
date 2020-09-22 2:06:24.263 AM EDT (2020-09-22T06:06:24.263Z)
description off command was sent to Daylight
deviceId 0258c8b9-d87d-4645-93df-ababbcda2732
displayed false
eventSource COMMAND
groupId b3c7c31a-a2b4-491f-9d8d-48b921e68f46
hubId 4e1bdb7f-7fdb-413e-95b0-2a6b34975618
id be63d170-fc99-11ea-92e1-0aa2239a58e9
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText off
locationId c0b58656-d35b-4270-ae46-cd8ee88840f3
rawDescription off
translatable false
unixTime 1600754784263
value off
viewed false