Which wallswitch for smart bulbs? (UK with neutral)

Which is the best switch to replace a standard wall switch with. I use colour changing smart bulbs, but want to replace the switch to stop people turning it off. Also, wouldn’t mind some scene setting options.

Lights already have neutral wire if needed.


What brand of bulbs are you using? I ask, because there are several new switch options coming out for the hue bridge in the next couple of months, and there are some specifically designed for Europe. They might well be worth waiting for if you are using the bridge, but they won’t work with SmartThings directly.

No hue bridge. Just Smartthings.

I use a couple of Xiaomi aqara single switches. The look ok, quite slim and battery powered.
Used a wago connector behind the switch to have power to the bulb always on.
I had no problems pairing them and use the DTH I found on here. Think I paid about £12 from AliExpress.
Shame the double switch doesn’t work with ST.

Just remembered I saw these


I see they have an API maybe someone could make a DTH ?

i uese neo coolcam z-wave switch around £20 from ali-express

These have been solid for me as well - had them installed about 8 months so far…