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Coming by Dec 2018: new Green Energy Wall switches for Hue Bridge


OK, yes, this is a pre-announcement, but all of the companies involved are well-established and I do expect the products to hit the market this year. :sunglasses:

These are “self powered” zigbee green energy switches which don’t need batteries: they are powered by the kinetic energy that occurs when you press the switch. If you’re familiar with the Phillips hue “Tap,” this is the same technology.

In this case, though, Phillips is not going to make the switch is themselves. Instead they have chosen partner companies in the different regions that already make devices using this technology. Among others, Illumra in the US and Busch-Jaeger in the EU.

These are the wall switches that people have been asking for to go with smart bulbs: they’ll fit in the space of a regular wall switch, or could just be Velcro to the wall anywhere. They will look like a conventional switch. ( for those interested, they will be HomeKit compatible as long as you are using the Hue bridge)

We’ll have to wait to see the exact details and how integration might work with smartthings, but this is a very exciting announcement:

The partner companies already make the switches. The only thing that’s new will be the hue bridge working with them, and it already works with this technology for their own tap switch, which is why I do think they will meet their timeline. :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb:

US example:


EU example:


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(Brian Diehl) #2

I have a Tap and it works well as long as you press hard enough.

Most of my lights are on automations, but when ST fails, it’s always good to have a backup that doesn’t require pulling out the phone/tablet and opening the Hue app.
I have buttons assigned for the main areas where I need my hue lights (bedroom, hallway, and bathroom), as well as the big button being All Off.

If this works as well as the Tap, it will be a success. I do wish there was an option other than the decora paddle though.

(Jimmy) #3

Between the Jasco z-wave battery powered model and these Hue devices, its good to see options coming out that fit in normal switch plates


There may be multiple options, we don’t know exactly what models will be available yet. That was just one example that I pulled. The article I linked to shows a different version with two skinny rockers side by side.

(Bradlee S.) #5

Jasco currently has no plans to release their remotes in the consumer channel. While they did say the remotes linked to above would be released with a different model number to consumers some time in the future, they have no clear timeframe as of yet. :frowning:

(Ernie) #6

These appear to be available for sale now.

(Ernie) #7

A review of the new switch.


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I don’t have Hue bulbs or a hub, I do not like battery operated switches and I’ve not yet found a battery free alternative but I like these.

Do other people also want to use these with SmartThings without having to buy the Hue system? perhaps to control other types of smart bulbs or as a smart button?


I think this would be very popular, it’s just a question of whether the smartthings hub is going to support them as part of its zigbee 3.0 update. And if that update is going to come to the V2 and ADT models as well as the V3 hub.