Which Fibaro Motion Sensor device-handler to use?

Hi all, I searched the forums and I see several device handlers for this particular model. Which device handler is your favourite and why? I have one on order so wondering which device type I should use with my v2 hub to get the best functionality out of it. Thx all.

which model have you ordered then gen5? If so i use the ZW5 device handler and works well

First you need to know the version of your sensor.
If it’s a V3.2 then there are 2 to choose from.
There is the one that is already in the device handler drop down (Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5) or there is a V3.2 one. Both work well.
See this thread.

I have v3.2 and have been using the default ST device handler for a few days now. One of the issues I have with this sensor is that it’s not very sensitive to motion. I’m surprised as to how long it takes before it detects and reports motion.

I’ve tried increasing the sensitivity but it can take anywhere from 3-5 seconds of moving around and waving my hands to get it to detect motion.

So far I’ve adjusted these parameters: 1=8 & 3=3

Anyone else have issues with motion or can recommend any other settings?

Where and how do you set parameters? I would like to set 80=0.