Does the new version of Fibaro motion sensor work with ST now?

I have an older one that I use in the living room but would like to get one for the kitchen as well. Can someone let me know if the newer version is now working as well?

Check out this thread…I have the v3.2 motion sensors working but have been unable to update parameters due to a known ST issue…

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What is the ST bug? I am able to edit my other device. Is the bug related specifically to 3.2?

So just to clarify that I’m using these motion sensors without problems however in the thread it describes the update of parameters to customise the devices behaviour eg. change sensitivity. It’s done through the IDE. Apparently the DelayBetween function isn’t working correctly and therefore these parameters cannot be amended. But if the parameters don’t need changing they function well.

I’d like to update the lux sensitivity and LED behaviour hence my interest in the updating of parameters… The bug isn’t specific to the devices but rather the function…

Ok thanks for the info.