Where to mount moisture sensor?


I’m new to SmartThings, just received my initial order and am attempting to set everything up this weekend.

I have a utility room with 2 hot water tanks in the SE corner, a furnace with a humidifier in the NE corner and laundry along the West wall. They are maybe 12’ apart and there is a drain in the centre of the floor. I’d like to detect any water in this room. The manual just says to “place SmartSense moisture over area where water could pool in the event of a leak”. It doesn’t give any idea of range. Could I mount it on the 8’ ceiling in the centre of the room and have it detect the presence of standing water? If not, how do I mount it to detect any leaks in this room?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

Heh heh… you’ll have to put it somewhere where it actually gets wet.

Throw a pint of water on the floor and see where most of collects; that is where you want to set it.


That’s kind of what I feared. However, when I went to look at where to mount it, I realized that there’s a drain pipe that runs from the humidifier, across the floor, to the drain in the centre of the room. Since the floor slopes downward to the drain, if there’s any water problems, at least some water will make it to the drain. I zip-tied the sensor to that pipe a couple inches from the drain and it works great.

You might wonder why I need the water sensor if there’s a drain there. We’ve had a couple hot water tanks die now and while most of the water thankfully goes down the drain, there’s carpeting on the floor and plenty of water wicks into the adjacent storage and family rooms too, not to mention it being good to know that the hot water tank is leaking so that the water can be turned off.

Thanks for your help.