Where can I see the current Mode? (eg Home, Away, Night)

Where in the app can I see the current MODE?

I have 2 automations set to run only when NIGHT MODE is active that are never firing.

  • First, I have an automation to turn on Night Mode at 9 pm every day, then another to turn Night Mode back off at 7 am every day.
  • I have 2 automations to send text messages for specific events only when Night Mode is active (using the “all conditions met” option). These are never firing. So it seems the first thing to check is whether Night Mode is actually the current mode.

Thank you!

On the home page/dashboard go to the three vertical dot page menu and choose Manage Location.

Thank you! I figured there was something simple that I just hadn’t discovered.

Any idea why my night-mode-only automations might not be running, especially after I explicitly enable Night Mode every evening?

Post a screenshot of the automation

Here are the 2 “night mode only” automations that are failing, followed by the automation that turns Night Mode on every day at 9 pm. Thanks for any suggestions.

They look OK.

In the app on your main screen (dashboard) click on More Options (the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and select Manage Location. Does your address appear in the geolocation section? If not, can you click on that and set your address.

Yes, address is already set, thank you. I’ll wait to see whether they fire tonight, and make sure that Night Mode is really on.

One more thing… have you ever received a text message from ST? If not, did you opt in to receive text messages?

Users with US phone numbers can text YES to 844-647 to opt in

Yes, I have quite a number of automations working successfully and bombarding me with texts, thank you. Only these 2 that are night-mode-only are failing to text me at night.