When will Smart things and Nest get along?

when will smart things support nest ?

This has been talked about for years. I don’t see it ever happening. Even if it did, it would never be anything like nest manager. This app is amazing, check it out.


I’ve been using Nest Manager for a while. It works perfectly.

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I think the app is so good that there is no motivation for SmartThings to develop (and support!) anything that will likely not be as good. :slight_smile:

SmartThings would like to support nest, that’s why they keep applying for it, if only as a marketing position.

But as has been discussed in the past by SmartThings staff, nest will not approve them because the SmartThings platform allows control of too many features of the nest device and nest likes to limit the features its “works with” partners have access to.

Indeed, the original custom build integration that was used in the community back in 2014 was a violation of the nest terms of service, and that statement is still on the official SmartThings support website.


Fortunately, since that time the community has created a different integration method, “nest manager”, and that one does not appear to violate the terms of service. Which is good. But it still doesn’t meet the standards of the “works with nest” program, so it can’t just be officially adopted by SmartThings and solve the problem. But individual consumers can still choose to use it.

IF you Haven’t used custom code before, here’s the FAQ for that. It’s pretty straightforward, basically you’re going to copy someone else’s code and paste it into your account.

As far as where you get that code, the community – created wiki has a set of quick browse lists which can let you quickly find custom smart apps and device type handlers you might want to try. The ones for nest will be on the HVAC list. “Nest Manager” is the most popular for this specific purpose, but it’s good to know that the list exists once you start looking at other things as well. :sunglasses:



So @tonesto7 bears the burden of providing the token for Nest login for at most 1000 users? (at least according to the Nest Manager wiki page). Is this still true?

Can someone please educate me on the security & privacy of logging into my Nest account through Nest Manager? I skimmed Nest developer’s agreement and there seems to be some protections there w.r.t to privacy for Nest clients (users). But I’m not too well versed in smartthings/groovy/nest api/etc yet.

Just doing my due diligence while I get a handle on the whole SmartThing community ecosystem.

Thanks for the great work!


Well yes and no. I have 2 app tokens with a 1000 tokens each. Plus nest doesn’t seem to enforce the 1000 limit :wink:

As far as security goes it’s an unpublished but valid Works with Nest integration and we try to follow all of Nest and ST’s guidelines.
At any point you can remove smartthings access to your nest account:

  1. You can revoke and recreate your nest token directly from the manager app.
  2. You can revoke access by going into the nest mobile app and deleting the Works with Nest authorization granted to SmartThings.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the prompt reply!

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