When will Smart Home Monitor run offline?

I think this app should have runed offline since day one :stuck_out_tongue: so when will we get an offline security system? my family doesnt feel safe when the security depends on the internet

you can put in a wireless burglar alarm for $300 on ebay. It’s got a siren and everything.

It was a much bigger task then one would think it should be. Saying that, there is work being done on it. It’s not far off.

Disclaimer: There is no date in this post and one should not be assumed. :wink:


Any day now, got it!


It was the Ultimate reading between the lines puzzle . . . and i worked it out :wink: haha

Joking, this is pretty much an example of how people predict dates for stuff on here though hahaha


Let’s start with bringing back the uninstaller first, shall we? It was available briefly to uninstall individual rules and now it’s gone again…

Awesome :smile: @slagle @Tyler My family would kill me if they found out the security system doesnt work without internet.