When in doubt, REBOOT (power-cycle) YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE

Interesting. I’m glad you found something that helped.

One small point: as a network engineer, I would have to profoundly disagree with the following:

These devices are most definitely part of the Z wave network. It’s just that they are typically nonrepeating endpoints. They do send their own messages out over the network, that’s how they report things like a door opening for a contact sensor or motion detected for a motion sensor. In fact, in many homes, the battery powered devices are responsible for initiating the majority of the network traffic.

But it’s unlikely that they have anything to do with your locks, either sending or receiving.

So I understand why they weren’t necessary when addressing the specific issues that you had. But a runaway sensor might cause zwave network problems for other people just by flooding the network, so that other messages couldn’t get through.

In your case, fortunately, you didn’t need to address all the individual battery powered devices. But if you truly want to, or need to, reboot, the entire net work, then you would need to include the battery powered devices in that process.

Just sayin’…:wink: