When/If ... Kumo wireless sensor tag integration with SmartThings hub?

As far as pros and cons, that’s pretty simple.

Pros: longer range and smaller size than most of the sensors that integrate directly to SmartThings. Also provide a more precise calibration for temperature and humidity than most sensors in the same price range. And are weather-hardy. See the technical specs on the manufacturer’s site.

Cons: you’re setting up a separate system using their ethernet bridge and then integrating to it rather than integrating the sensors directly. This adds cost and complexity. The cost of the bridge has come down over the last year so that it’s now $49, and one Bridge can support up to 40 of their sensors. But the sensors themselves run about $40 each, and you can probably find something in zigbee for about half that, although again with shorter range and less precision.

So like everything else, choice is good. Some people will prefer the Kumo Wireless sensors (the company name is Cao gadgets). Other people want something that can integrate directly. Some people may just use them for specific use cases.

There’s a good welcome FAQ on how to select sensors which already includes this brand, you might find that interesting:

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