What's the difference between these two Hue kits?

Other than the price, does anybody know what the difference between these two kits is? They have different model numbers, but as far as I can tell, they both come with 3 color changing bulbs, the bridge, an ethernet cable, and power adapter. Obviously, I’d get the cheaper one if there’s no difference!



One of them is for the just released new hue hub that has Apple HomeKit support (and also slightly brighter bulbs). The other is the older hub. The trick is telling them apart. I’m guessing that the top one is the new packaging but you should verify that before purchasing since that’s an educated guess on my part.

Yes, the top one is the new kit. The new bulbs have “ambiance” in the name, and the packaging will have media icons on the front for music, movies, etc.

And the HomeKit label.

I might go with the newer kit… brighter light and better color sounds like it might be worth it! Anybody have experience with either kit?

I had the same confusion in Currys at the weekend, they had them marked as clearance with £10 off.

They admitted that there must be a new version coming but had no idea what features the new version would have.

On impulse I went to buy then. But when I got to the counter, it came up at full price. They tried to tell me the model on the shelf was the new product code, whereas the offer was on the old product code. I didn’t believe them as it was the only one they had in stock, and was obviously the old branding and the shelves were empty. I changed my mind and am now glad I did.

So would you go with the new or old set? Looks to be ~$30 difference at best buy… I’m planning on using these in our living room, as that’s the only room that’s solely lit by non-switched lamps.

I would definitely go with the new model. Not only is it HomeKit compatible, it’s also thread capable, although that feature is not turned on yet. The smart things v2 hub is also thread capable. So in terms of future proofing, the new model does have several pluses.

In addition, the brightness makes a big difference to me. That’s a personal thing, so you may not care. My one complaint about the older model Hues was that they were too dim. The new ones are 800 lumens instead of 600 – – that’s a difference you can see. So if you like a brighter light, that’s another reason to go with the new model.

What’s the best way to get a standalone remote for the hue? Right now, we have some cheap RF switches on the lamps in the room, on/off for 3 lights, all on/ all off… for WAF, I don’t think she’s going to want to pull out her phone every time she wants to turn the lights on or off!

I saw something about livingcolors, but is that the only option? Or something better / cheaper / simpler?

This should help:

Are the new bulbs compatible with the old hue hub and vice versa?

Hue also just released their standalone remote. You can get it by itself for $25 or with a Hue White bulb for $40. For integrating directly with Hue, these are a great option; but note that they will not be able to control other devices in ST.


Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing online right now… Any idea if I get this one and keep it around after my ST hub comes next week, if ST can get any feedback from the bulbs themselves if I turn them on / off from this remote?

Yes to both. You can also mix and match the bulb models with either Hue hub.

ST polls the hue bridge for status every five minutes. This is how ST updates the status when you control your Hue bulbs from other parallel control methods like echo or a third-party app. So the status does get updated eventually. :sunglasses:

ST doesn’t notice hue changes that happen external to ST very quickly. If it’s important to you to know in ST what the current state of the bulbs is then use a remote that works through ST.

If it doesn’t matter then the hue remote should be fine. You could also use the Amazon Echo’s hue or ST integration to control the hues though if that’s your primary use it makes an expensive remote.

Thanks for the info! Yeah, I’m just starting with some Hue stuff this week while waiting for my ST v2 from Amazon (got delayed by a week!). Next projects will hopefully include automating my garage door (is that one cliche yet?), hopefully be able to integrate my Wireless Tags system into ST for temperature monitoring, and see if I can get a Z Wave thermostat set up, referencing the temps from the Wireless Tags!

I’d really like to have some control over the ceiling fan in my master bedroom, but it’s a combo light / fan, with a single wall switch that turns the whole thing on and off. It’d be nice to split it off, possibly with smart bulbs in the fixture, and some kind of always on z wave switch? But that’ll be a project for a later date!

Unless you’re in my house, and then ST updates every few days and gets it right for an hour.

Yeah, we try to keep each thread to one topic, so the archives are easier to use later, so you can just start a new topic when you have other projects you’d like to discuss. There’s lots of fun stuff to consider!

Well I picked up the new kit on my way home from work yesterday. I was surprised how easy it was to get everything set up! Then when my wife got home, I was playing with setting up geofencing to see how that works, letting each other know when we leave work, etc. I must say, she went from “what do we need these for?” to “that’s pretty cool…” rather quickly last night!

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Hues are fantastic and frequently the entry point for HA.

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