Philips Hue Lux Starter Kit

Refurb on sale at Meh $30

This should work fine with smartthings. A couple things to note about the particular model being offered for sale:

  1. it’s a first generation hue bridge (the round one instead of the square one) which means it won’t work with apple’s HomeKit. A lot of people won’t care, it’s just something to know.

  2. those are first-generation bulbs, the “lux” instead of the “hue white.” The lux were noticeably dimmer, around 600 lm, where the newer generations are close to 800 lm. I have a couple of lux bulbs and we only use them for nightstand table lamps, and even then some people complain they are not bright enough to read by. Again, a lot of people won’t care, but some will.

So it’s still a deal, just know what you’re buying. :sunglasses: