What's a good starting Raspberry Pi package?

I’d like to start getting into programming a Raspberry Pi (and teaching my kids as well.) It would be fun to be able to connect it to Smartthings as a sensor/controller or something like that. I’m not a stranger to programming, but it’s been a long time. Any recommendations on packages I should look at, preferably on Amazon.


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@mebejedi, any of the “Complete Start Kits” are a good way to start off. They include everything to get up and running. There are other kits as well that include more items, with sensors and such. But if you want a “base” to have something up and running then a “Complete Kit” would be good. Then add on as needed. I myself like the Vilros or Canakit

They are the same price and same components. Just different distributors. Some people prefer the Sandisk cards and others the Samsung cards. Only difference in the kits are the various components which you can swap out later if you want.

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I got this one as I had a spare micro sd card sitting around. Really like (and I think your kids would too) the clear case, so I can see the PCB/ports, lights, etc., inside. :slight_smile:

They have a version w/an SD card, or likely cheaper to order your card separately.