What will SmartThings allow us to do straight out of the box?

I am a newbie to the Home Automation scene although I have been reading up about it for a while but never quite found a good solution until now. There has been a lot of demos about all the great things you can do with SmartThings but I really want to know how much we can do straight out of the box without 3rd party apps. I assume we can setup scenes etc straight out of the box with the ios app and all the other stuff you can do with competing systems? I guess my main concern is I don’t want to be really reliant upon others to build apps to do the basics.

The main stuff I want to do to get the ball rolling is have an iPad mounted outside my home theater so I can simply run a scene where all equipment is turned on, lights turned on for two minutes and then lights turned off and rest of the equipment stays on… pretty basic stuff really. Setup a Zwave front door lock, IP security cameras etc and expand it from there. I downloaded the iphone app to see how customizable the interface is but there is no demo mode so I couldn’t do anything with that.

So I guess the question is will I be able to do all of this straight out of the box with the correct hardware and zero programming skills. I am good with Gadgets but have no idea about coding.

I would really like to see you guys do some setup videos and demo the iphone app thoroughly showing all features that are currently available.


There is quite a bit of out of the box functionality. We’re you able to browse the SmartAps section of the iOS app? There are categories with SmartApps and descriptions for each. You can definitely turn on or off all your equipment with a button or after no motion out of the box.


I have setup an account but seeing as though I don’t have a hub all it does is ask me to connect a hub and won’t allow me to go anything further.

Very true. I think we have a list somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it.

The SmartThings Documentation guide has section titled “Smart App API Reference” and can be used as an intuitive guide as to the capabilities of the out of the box system. http://build.smartthings.com/smartthings-documentation/

Also, some of the SmartThings staff have given examples of how they currently have their Things working for them in this thread - http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/so-whats-everyone-going-to-do-with-their-smartthings/

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