What will happen to MyQ Garage door opener when Groovy is gone?

Will My Q garage door opener still work with SmartThings when Samsung SmartThings removes groovy?

Someone will have to build a new schema based integration before groovy goes away. That’s as plain as it gets.

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I am sure @brbeaird will offer a replacement :slight_smile:

At that point, either SmartThings will have a native integration with MyQ or I will rewrite another integration that uses the API instead of groovy.

I’ll probably do the rewrite regardless, but the hard part about that is the API version will need to be self-hosted, and I would like to find a way to make that as easy as possible for people.


There will be a new solution for hub connected devices, we just don’t know what it will look like yet.

Thank you for the quick response. I will be looking for this.

MyQ is not a hub connected device.


Ideally, using what you already own would be the easiest. Are you considering a relay module replacement? I thought about getting one of those, but it turned out adding an additional wifi access point resolved the troubles I was having in my garage.

Thank you brbeaird. I appreciate your integration. I think the simole solution for most people is to get an RPi or use AWS for a small fee.

Hey all, just wanted to share another solution for integrating MyQ with SmartThings, or even with Apple Shortcuts that does not require a custom schema or anything like that!

It called SimpleCommands, Link.

It’s an app/web interface that functions very similar to how Wink used to work, (prior to their BS move to charge users!). The key diff here is you can utilize their “Kloee” API to relay commands which trigger actions, or run routines, using your own existing devices as a relay server!

My Thoughts/Use Case Ex;
The UI is fairly intuitive (although somewhat dated), and easy to use via the web or app. For ex, after linking my various device accts I was able to setup the following geo-location triggered routine in SimpleCommands within ~10-15mins after trying for weeks with SmartThings/IFTTT/Apple Shortcuts;

When I arrive @ home, run these actions;

  • Open MyQ garage door & auto-close that door when interior Ring cam detects my motion!
  • Disarm Ring alarm & turn on solar path lights
  • Unlock Front & Garage door August locks (Note: August can now do his natively, but the function was previously limited to a single lock…)
  • Turn on Interior Hue lights
  • Use Nest thermostat to Kick on heat/AC, depending upon condition = ambient outside temp +/- X

To boot, the inverse of everything above happens automatically when I leave, (Unless, my wife or anyone else is home of course)! This automation, tying together multiple devices that normally would never talk to each other was basically my dream automation! I had all but given up on it when I stumbled across this system on a Reddit automation thread, and it has no joke changed my life since then lol!

Their website (linked above) has much more info on the various devices/platforms they integrate w/, and how it all works. But if your curious, some of the major compatible manufacturers/platforms are; Alexa, SmartThings (obviously), August Lock, Nest, Ecobee, Ring, Hue, + many others. They also routinely update the UI/available connections, so support/development is clearly robust and continuing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So yeah, check it out and enjoy driving your wife/significant other even crazier with all your new automations! :laughing: