What triggered my garage door?

I woke up to find that my garage door was opened. I checked the logs and it opened an hour after i went to bed. I don’t have any routines or smartapps that would normally trigger this. The garage door can be opened by physically pushing the opener button, dry contact switch button, mobile app or Alexa.

The strange part is that the dry contact switch is configured as a virtual momentary switch. It has always functioned properly. However, this morning the door was opened and the light was on, on the dry contact switch signaling that it was in relay mode and was in the on position. I confirmed that it was “on” in the app. I had to use the app to turn it off and it then resumed the expected behavior of a virtual momentary switch.

Is there a way for me to look to see what caused the switch to be triggered? I’m wondering if it will tell me if it was initiated by Alexa, mobile app, routing, etc.

there are lots of anecdotes of unintended operation of garage door. The “Recently” tab of that device in your phone-app, MAY have some logged entries. But ghost events get sent for no apparent reason and can be recorded as “physical” , so IMO the log is not 100% trustworthy.

Also there are reports of specific hardware, I think LFM-20 , seemingly triggering without any input . I think Mike Maxwell tried it, had 1-2 false openings and removed it for that reason. That’s enough for me to avoid it.

Yes, I checked in the ST API and it was recorded as physical. The strange thing is that the log doesn’t go back any farther than the mystery event occurred. It happened at 23:36 and I have one event for that time and nothing earlier. there should at least have been an event when the system polled for the status.

it is the first time i’ve had a mysterious event with one of these Remotec ZMF-80 devices. I have one on each garage door and one on a fireplace.

I guess it is time to get an app that alerts me when it is open for too long or certain hours.

Thanks for following up.

see if there was a hub update before that. Too many ghost events associated with hub updates. I do not know how to look that up, I assume it’s in IDE .

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Only ping events during that time. Got and email from ST saying they would update my FW on 11/16/17.

oh well. I’ll chalk it up to the mysterious bugs I see in my everyday life as an IT consultant.

Thanks for the feedback Eric.