A baffling issue with my echo ("close garage door" doesn't work)

(Chris Fichter) #1

On my garage door I have a dry contact switch ZFM-80US. I have it included on to my Amazon echo. I also have it set up in groups in echo " open garage door" and " close garage door". Obviously keep in mind I relay only knows two things. open contact close contact. With either command the light on the relay will flash but will only activate door when saying open garage door. The thing I don’t understand is if the light is flashing it’s getting the command.


Some other people have reported a similar issue. It may be that “close garage door” is a reserved phrase for Amazon. It does have some quirks like that.

@bamarayne or @Mike_Maxwell may know more.

(Chris Fichter) #3

This is a different issue. I have had that issue before. The command is being sent in this case.

(Shawn) #4

I have a MyQ in my ST set up at work, connected through an Echo. Only the Close command works for some reason. Haven’t done any digging though to find out why.