What to use to control Philips Hue?

I have a Philips Hue with several bulbs and strips throughout the house. I have connected the Hue Bridge to the ST Hub, and it has successfully discovered all of my bulbs and strips.

I am able to control all of the lights, but the functionality seems fairly limited. For example, there are no scenes or groups. I have a “Sceen Controller” and it seems like my only option is to turn the lights on or off. Off is off, but when it turns on, it simply goes back to the color/brightness it was at previously. It would be nice to beable to assign a scene, group, color or brightness to a switch.

What do people use to control their Hue Bulbs?

The official features don’t deal really well with color changing bulbs. There are a number of community members who have created smartapps that have advanced features. Use the quick browse list for lighting in the community – created wiki and you should find several for Hue. :sunglasses: :bulb:


I only have a few Hue lights but I personally use this community app to control them through ST:


I use a Mac Mini running HAM Bridge.