What the iOS Mobile App looks like full screen on an iPad

I have the SmartThings mobile app running in full screen on my iPad Air 2 and I have to say, in most cases, it looks and works much better visually. I have attached a few screenshots of what it looks like running in 2x mode on a tablet and what it looks like when ‘forced’ to take advantage of the full screen. It’s not perfect but it is definitely nicer to see more on the screen rather than the more cramped looking screens on an iPhone. Admittedly, this requires a jailbroken iPad running a Cydia app called FullForce. Now, if FullForce can do this, why can’t the app do it naturally in code?

Home screen:

Smart Apps list:

Creating a rule:

Room screen:


Wait, let me guess… Because their UX design team is lame? :imp:

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Well, hopefully this post might nudge them a little to make the update.