What the h is error code 33-501?

I am trying to re-set up my v3 hub and I keep getting an error code 33-501 on the set up screen, but I can’t find anywhere what type of error 33-501 refers to. That’s no help at all, Samsung.

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try to hard reset the hub by unplugging the power and pressing/holding the recessed reset button on the back while plugging the power back in. Ethernet internet cable should remain connected. then once the flickering front yellow LED light turns solid yellow immediately release the held button in the back. the front LED light will change several colors including magenta when it is pulling down the latest firmware. one the front LED light settles on green/red then try adding thru the app again.

33-501 is an error from the Hub to get the list of available WiFi Networks. I would agree with @Awestun that a Factory Reset would be a productive troubleshooting step.

In addition I’d also consider any of the following:

  • If on an iPhone, try forgetting your home WiFi network (Settings > Wifi > Blue “i” icon next to network > Forget)
  • Reboot phone.
  • Try performing onboarding with cellular data disabled or in “Airplane Mode” with WiFi enabled.
  • If on an iPhone, make sure the SmartThings has permission to access devices on your local network. (Settings > Scroll down to App list > SmartThings > Local Network)
  • Certainly cliche, but deleting and re-installing the SmartThings App.
  • Perform the installation on a different phone or tablet.

Hope this helps! Please reach out to Support@SmartThings.com if you need additional assistance.