What switches for this config?

I have in 3 areas of my home the configuration in the picture and in other I have dual switch only. The wall are reinforced cement so making the holes bigger would be a big problem. What Z-Wave or Zigbee on/off or Dimer switches would you recommend for this type of install? planning on automating all lighting before years end. Thanks.

What do the two duplex switches control?

all 3 of them control different lights, the one infront of the house control the porch, the living room and house side lights, this one control laundry, garage and left side outside lights.

Here’s what I would do for the duplex switch…

Put connected lights (GE Link, Hue, etc.) into the places controlled by the two switches and hardwire their loads in the switch box.

Replace the duplex switch with an Intermatic CA5100 (found on eBay cheap). I can then provide you with a SmartApp that will turn on one light when you press ON once, the other when you press ON again, and both if you press ON again. The switch will simply rotate thru these 3 modes, and remember the last one set if you press OFF (which turns off both lights)

your idea of wiring some directly gave me another idea, wire the external side lights directly and replace the light mount with motion sensor triggered lights. Was also looking at http://www.amazon.com/Leviton-VRCS2-MRZ-2-Button-Controller-Multi-Location/dp/B0032ZB9HI/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top but boy that price is not wife friendly when it comes to selling the idea. Saw you used a Intermatic CA3750 on another thread for a water heater and I have to say it works like charm! thanks for the recommendation.

Plus I doubt SmartThings will work with both of those.

seems it is possible but it requires a bit of finger fu to get it to pair correctly Vizia rf+ VRCS2-MR 2-Button Controller

I’d use something like http://amzn.com/B00JWVNH4Y it uses your existing switches and makes them z-wave switches. That one will control 2 loads. Then your 3rd switch you can get the single version of that or get a normal z-wave switch.

Again… I doubt SmartThings will be able to control both relays individually.

You might try and see if you can stuff two Aeon MicroControllers behind there but good luck getting three in there (or two with a standard zwave switch on the other side.

I actually have 5 of them installed with smartthings. I’m using modified version of the aeon power strip device code to control them.

I stand corrected. Seems like the way to go then.

cool! so with one of them I can control 2 loads then? if so can you share the device type code?

@darkoperator The link is below. Keep in mind the device code alone isn’t perfect, it’s best to create virtual devices for each relay to have the best results with status and for use in other apps/hello home actions etc. But, it does work and it works well. I’d say buy one give it a try, message me with any questions. I’m more then happy to help, I got lucky getting it to work. Hopefully someday ST will properly support dual relays.