What should I wear today? Need help!

I have a very odd and niche request for the dev community. My daughter asks me every day what to wear. I always end up having to retreat to the other room, get my phone, unlock it, open Weather Underground, check the temperature, then return to her room and tell her what to wear.

Since my daughter loves interacting with my Ubi, I’ve slowly been looking for a way to automate the process. I can’t code to save my life, so I’m reaching out to the group here to see what your thoughts are.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. Ask Ubi “What shoulod I wear today?”
  2. Triggers app/program to retrieve the high temperature for the day.
  3. Using a simple if/then logic, return a response to the initial question
    • If the high temperature is above 75 degrees F, have Ubi say something like “It will be hot today. I recommend a skirt or shorts and a short sleeve shirt.”
    • If the high temperature is between 50 and 75, have Ubi say something like “I recommend a dress and leggings or jeans and a short sleeve shirt. It might be cold in the morning, so don’t forget your jacket!”
    • If the high temperature is below 50, have Ubi say something like “It will be cold today! I recommend a dress and leggings or jeans and a long sleeve shirt.”

Ultimately I don’t think it’s that hard, but I’m absolutely terrible at coding, so I’m hoping there are some ideas floating around here. Thanks all!

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This is an old help request, but I thought with Alexa growing in popularity, this might be a good opportunity to ask again for some help. I’m thinking doing this as an Alexa skill might be better than the Ubi solution I originally considered.

I’m terrible at coding, so I’d need some serious help. I’m more than willing to put in a lot of work, but I’ve just never been able to pick up any coding skill. Anyone who’s willing to help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Thinking outloud, but that should be possible with CoRE and Ask Alexa. The query can be"Alexa, ask smartthings what to wear." That triggers a macro which reacts in CoRe to send a tts message based on your above logic.

I’m just getting started with CoRE. I’ll look into it tonight. Thanks for connecting those dots! I never thought about daisy chaining them together! Now I’m excited about it again :stuck_out_tongue:


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