What’s the proper way to set motion sensor?

Hello, I’m trying to setup my home automation again. Things been broken for a while and I just finally have the time to take a moment and start from scratch. I see a lot have been change due the transition to edge.

I have few motion sensor that I’m trying to setup. But I’m not sure I’m doing it right. As far I can remember that’s the way I did before:

“If motion kitchen light turns on, turns off after 10 min.”

I thought with this setup when I’m in the kitchen, because I’m triggering the sensor over and over it would reset the 10 min timer, and only turn off if no motion for 10 min.

The way it’s working now and maybe is the way it should, when there is motion, 10 minutes later no matter of motion repeats, light turns off.

I guess a fix would be creating a second routine make: if no motion for 10, then turn off the light. Right?

How would you guys setup this? I know it’s a simole thing, but I just want to see what’s out there, maybe that’s a better way or more advanced method. Pla point me in the right direction. Thx

Now another question, I noticed talks about a presence sensor with so much more capability. Which one do you guys recommend? I want to try one and see what I can do.

If it were me, I’d try going down that route. I believe the approach you already tried is quite simplistic: 10 minutes after the switch turns on it simply turns off. It doesn’t take additional “turn on” events into consideration. Disclaimer: I haven’t tried using that feature, so could be wrong!

Also intrigued by the mm device, but haven’t tried it to date. Might be a great solution for kitchen lighting…


Thanks for your input. I believe that’s the only way I can go too, unless someone else has other ideias. I was just testing it now, I’m using centralite 3328 sensor and it have an opening time of around 35 seconds. Testing it stays open all the time until motion stops, then a 35 seconds starts until closes again, and then it’s ready for the next motion detection.

So in my first scenario it was detection motion for the first time, and staying in the open status for the whole time, until I leave for at least 35 seconds. If I didn’t leave then 10 minutes countdown was reached turning off the light and not triggering back on due to still being open. Only then after leaving for 35 seconds it would turn it on again.

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That is correct. The Routines are simple general purpose automations and the ‘then’ actions are independent of the ‘if’ conditions. So the ‘if’ could have been something like ‘if a button is pushed’.

By contrast, the Smart Lighting app, which lives on in a new form as a recipe based app, has the bespoke logic for common switching and lighting tasks like this.

Absolutely correct. That’s the logic you want and if you use Routines you need to use a second Routine to do it.


On your mmWave sensor question, see the following:

Best mmWave Sensor to Use with ST? (human presence sensor/occupancy sensor)


Thanks everyone for your time and replies. It’s working as intended now, had to create 2 routines for each but that’s ok. With this new edge driver motion sensors seems to be working more smoothly. Is that because mostly is local now? Anyway thanks so much everyone.