Routine Only Triggers On Change

So, I have been moving over functionality from smartapps and webcore to routines where I can.

I noticed one specific issue that I cannot figure out.

I have a routine, that if the motion sensor in my garage is no motion for 10 minutes, it turns the garage light off.

If the light goes on, then motion happens and then stops, the routine works fine.
If however, the light goes on when there is no motion, and it remains in no motion, it does not shut the light off. I assume this is because its already in a no motion state, and is already past the 10min timer.

Would adding some additional check to see if the light is on first help, and if so how would you do it? If not, any thoughts?

Yes, there needs to be an event of some sort to make a Routine check its conditions.

If the check was a precondition it should just be a neutral change.

If it were a condition then the light should be turned off as soon as it were turned on if there already hadn’t been any motion for ten minutes. I am not sure if that is what you want.

What you could do is have an extra condition to see if the light has been on for a certain period of time, and test for all conditions being met. That should turn it off after that time if there hasn’t been any motion for ten minutes at that point.

I have this same case. The trigger I use is light changes to on. Wait 10 minutes, no motion, shut off.

I added a check for the light turning on for 10min, and no motion, which solves the issues when the light was turned on from inside on accident. However, it seems to now not care when motion starts again so it doesnt come back on automatically via motion.

Motion would be its own automation. On motion start turn on