What kind of device has the locationMode capability?

I am looking to build a webhook SmartApp in Node-RED using Samsung Automation Studio nodes that includes a status check on location mode. I can create a device profile for the locationMode capability, but I don’t have any devices that have that capability. What kind of device would have that capability? I’m surprised the hub device doesn’t have it.


I am wondering if you might have figured this out, I’m struggling with the same problem…

Hi, @RonaldvM
Do you want to check the current mode of your location registered in ST? If so, you can make a request to https://api.smartthings.com/v1/locations/locationId/modes/current

I must have missed this question back in August. I feel that I probably did test locationMode at some stage. It just seems like something I would do.

The obvious comments are:

  • The locationMode capability is not the same thing as the Location Mode in the same way that the securitySystem is not the same as the Security Mode. They are basically the same thing capability wise but the Location Mode and Security Mode are features of the Location, not individual devices.
  • One of the interesting things about securitySystem is undocumented. When you set the Security Mode any devices with the capability will have their commands called to set the matching mode (mostly …). So, for example, if the Security Mode is set to Armed Away every device with securitySystem will have their armedAway() command called. It would be interesting if changing the Location Mode caused setMode() to be called on devices with the locationMode capability but I suspect it probably doesn’t.
  • Unfortunately the locationMode doesn’t have a capability presentation so if it was applied to devices the mobile apps wouldn’t be able to do anything with them because they only know about Location Mode on the Location.
  • Apart from mirroring the Location Mode, I guess there might be an application for mode aware devices.

Is it too much to ask for all capabilities to have a presentation? A 404 error from the API suggests something is broken, not that it isn’t supposed to be there.

Thanks, this works out for me!