What is the proper way to use ST with Google Home? Compared to Alexa it acts very strange

Hi everyone, we have Alexa in our one home and use it with ST which works fine. I add all my devices, I can say turn the living room lamp on, make the lightstrip pink etc, works fine every time.

I just got a bunch of Google Home’s but finding they act weird. Maybe I should post on the Home forums but will try here. Basically I linked it to my ST account which showed all my devices as expected. It then wanted me to put the lights all into rooms, so I did. The problem though is it seems to only control things by room. For example, I say “Turn on the kitchen light” and she goes “Okay, turning on 6 lights in the Kitchen” and turns every light on in there. I say “Turn on the living room lamp” and she goes “Okay, turning on 3 lights in the Living Room.”

If I don’t use Rooms though the app is always popping up saying “55 devices are not in rooms”. I just want to control lights etc individually like Alexa does. Am I just supposed to not include things in rooms?

It even gave suggestions for things I could say like “Make the Under Counter Lightstrip Pink” so I tried saying exactly that, and she goes “Here’s what I found on the web for ‘make the under counter lightstrip pink’” and then shows a Google search result.

I think that is the “feature” where Google Home guesses what you mean :wink:
I have a room (Garage) that has a (fake) thermostat in it
I have a device called ST814 Garage that is NOT in this room. In fact, its in no room at all.
If I say “Hey Google, what is the temperature in the garage” she responds with the temperature of the Thermostat in the garage AND the temperature of the ST814 Garage. I renamed ST814 Garage to ST814 Gar and now she only responds with the temperature of the Thermostat in the Garage room.

Yes I think the issue is when you have the name of the room in the device name, it gets confused if you are looking for an individual device or calling the room. We changed the names of the devices we use voice for to remove the room name.

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That’s absolutely true. If you have the name of the room included in the name of the device it’s going to cause problems. Also, avoid using possessive names will cause problems (ex: use john nightstand, not john’s nightstand).

Great thanks I’ll try that, although I’m not entirely sure how I’ll make this work! My lights are all Kitchen Light, Dining Room Light, Living Room Light, Master Bedroom Light etc when referring to the main ceiling light. I guess another option then would be to make extra rooms for the devices I don’t want in there, like have a “Kitchen” which does include the Kitchen Light but then make a room called “Counter” or something that has the under counter Hue Lightstrips etc. Thanks!

I named mine like you suggested, “Main kitchen light” and it works fine that way. When I first integrated Google Home and ST it was annoying. I now have a weird problem, I have a Main living room light and a Main family room light. If i say turn on main family room light it will turn on the proper light. If I say set main family room light to 30% it sets the living room and family room and vice versa. I removed and reinstalled both lights in ST and Google home but the problem persists.