Is there a max number of locations per account?

Is there a limit for number of locations (separate hubs) you can have associated with one account? I would like to have multiple locations each being managed separately (no real overlap with devices) but all under one account to make management easy.

Is there best practice for limiting the number of locations or is the way separate locations are handled not really a limiting factor? I would just prefer not to run into problems if I let the number of locations grow to 50+ or 100+ per account.

I hope you get some real-world experiences reported, but…

Given the common knowledge here of general SmartThings instability, you really should keep in mind that the more Locations you have in one Account, the more likely you are to run into issues.

Even if a large number of Locations are not the actual cause of some eventual problem you experience, it is entirely likely that there will be a problem with your “Account” record for some other random reason.

When SmartThings Support then recommends you reset / delete your Account record, I can assure you that all associated Locations will be blown away, along with all of their connected devices, automations, scenes, routines, rooms, and more.

Yes - That is a very real risk.

Shameless Promo:

If you find ActionTiles useful as a view & control dashboard, you’ll be relieved to know that you can connect any number of Locations from any number of same or different SmartThings Accounts to one or more ActionTiles Accounts.

In other words: For ActionTiles mix & match dashboards, your Devices, Hubs, and Locations don’t have to be all piled, dangerously, into a single SmartThings Account.

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The new SmartThings app will only let you create 10 locations from the app.

I would strongly advise against 50 or 100 locations tied to a single account. The apps just aren’t designed to handle that.