What is the current DTH change process

I have recently moved all my devices from my v1 hub to my Aeotec v3 hub and my Dome Mouser connected with DTH Zwave Mouse Trap and execution location Cloud. I’m more familiar with the custom DTH for this device and I’m supposing I’m not losing anything since execution location is already cloud so this morning I switched over to the custom code. Unfortunately, the phone app does not reflect the changes immediately, like I saw with previous mobile app versions.

What is an effective process to change device handlers these days?

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The most effective way is to try not to do it. If you don’t get it right first time, start all over again. So if you need to edit a DTH, create a new one (i.e. so it has a new unique ID). If you don’t get that quite right, create another new one. Same with devices. If it doesn’t work how you want first time, delete it and try again. You basically want to achieve the effect of having started with no device and gone through the onboarding process in the mobile app and ended up with a device working how it should do, even if that is the twentieth time you’ve done it.

If you are using a custom DTH for a Zigbee or Z-Wave device, try and make sure it has a more selective fingerprint than any stock handler. You really don’t want to be changing the DTH on the fly unless absolutely essential. If it doesn’t have a ‘vid’ defined, try and make sure it has one because the mobile app has developed an aversion to custom DTHs without explicit presentations (and is a pain in the backside even when you do have one).

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Thanks, I guess I’ll have to cross this bridge another day. I found a test procedure for the mouse trap, and state change and notification is working sufficiently with the default DTH.