What eTRV's are people using in the UK and which ones would you recommend?

I’m thinking of changing to eTRV’s on my radiators and as per the title, I’m wondering which ones are the best. ST integration is a must. Either via a bespoke hub or direct.
I’ve been trawling the web and there are a few out there.
LightwaveRF, MiHome etc.but there is nothing like user recommendation.
Some problems that people have had, from reviews etc, are battery life, noise etc.
So, any of you peeps out using eTRV’s and what would you recommend.

EDIT: I suppose the obvious question I forgot to ask is “Is it worth changing anyway”.
I already have my Tado thermostat integrated.

I’ve got the tado TRV. It’s pretty rubbish. Noisy, battery life is poor and the room temperature I have it at is more easily controlled via standard TRV.

I tried it rental before committing and it’ll be going back when the period is over.

Thanks for that.
I have a Tado thermostat which I’ve integrated and was wondering about those.
Everything I’ve found for any manufacturer of eTRV’s all say battery life is poor and noisy.

I have the Honeywell Evohome, which though it is expensive has been absolutely brilliant, you program the temperatures you want the house at for certain times and it learns when it needs to turn the valve on to reach it.

Noise is barely noticeable, and up to now the batteries have lasted 9 months and still going

Does the TRV connect directly to ST?

I’ve got Tado.
Not really found them to be noisy. Had them for 6-months or so so can’t say much about battery life at the moment.

But any noise they do make is brief and is barely noticeable in a normal home. But I suppose it depends on how often you’re requesting a temperature change for the valve to move and make a sound. If they’re making a constant noise that makes them a nuisance, I’d suggest there’s a bigger problem.

I’ve got the MiHome Energenie ones that Wickes sell.
Like most other comments, they work well, but you can definitely hear them when they are adjusting

How’s the battery life?

And thanks to all for taking the time to reply with your experience of these devices.

Had my eTRVs a good 6 months. Not changed the batteries yet. not sure how long they will last at the moment…

Have you connected these to ST via the MiHome hub?

Yes indeed. I also have Hive and have these all linked so when I change the hive temperature these all adjust accordingly.

No it goes through its own control panel and that integrates with st