What does Present mean in the ST app?

My Android phone is listed as Present in the App. I assumed this somehow works as a means to have my phone detected so I can have the alarm disarmed or maybe lights turn on, etc. But in the Right Now part of the app it’s showing I arrived on 11/25. Today is 11/29. Is this because I keep wifi/gps off?

As I said, i typically never use wifi or gps on my phone. All I can think of (if I’m correct above) is to disarm my system when I get home. But, I don’t want to arm it when I leave because I’m generally not the last one out. Is there a way around this or is it best to just ignore it and arm it manually?

That is correct, it is detecting your presence.

Setting system to arm/disarm is a routine, not something that will happen in its own without you setting it up, so you can have location and Wi-Fi on.

If you choose to use location to control certain actions it is very nice and convenient. You are also able to set exceptions/variables -for instance you said you don’t want it to arm when you leave because you aren’t last one out, you can set it to only arm if you are the last one out or when the last person is out and then disarm when first person returns.

Using CoRE there are virtually limitless possibilities, if you would like to know more just ask :slight_smile: