What do you like and use for scene control?

What are people enjoying for scene control?

I am getting my bill of materials together and might need one or two myself. Probably one battery powered unit for the coffee table and one or two wall mount units.

On my last house, we used Radio Ra 2, which was not as perfect or flexible as I wanted for the price. This time around I decided to go with Smarthings/z-wave/zigbee, but the plethora of options makes decisions a lot more difficult.

(i’ve moved this to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own needs and preferences. That will also allow for more brainstorming kinds of discussions. :sunglasses: )

First things first: at the present time, all of the options require custom code, which means they cannot work with the new “SmartThings (Samsung connect)” app. Only with SmartThings classic. Also we should note that “scenes” work differently in the two apps, so that may also change people’s decisions.

You can start by looking at the buttons FAQ. It includes both battery powered and mains powered options and is pretty comprehensive.

But also look at the following two recent threads. The first one is mostly discussing battery powered devices and the second is discussing mains powered ones.


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Thanks, I will read through that.

Ideally I am hoping to find something with similar functionality to the RadioRa 2 hybrid keypads (5 or 6 buttons along with dimmer buttons.), though working smoothly and reliably is more important.

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Amazon Echo!
That’s the only real ‘control’ I use… everything that can be automatic (e.g. lights etc) should be automatic as far as I’m concerned :slight_smile:

But that’s just me.


I may have missed one, but offhand I can’t think of any multi device scene controllers (that is, which can control multiple separate scenes) which allowed for dimming. People usually end up using set levels, like one button for 25%, a different button for 50%, etc.

The problem is the variable lag introduced by the cloud aspects of the SmartThings platform. It becomes very difficult to do the kind of Precision timing that is usually required for a press and hold Type dimmer control.

There are certainly some that can do this for an individual device control, again it’s just once you start wanting to have multiple scenes on one controller device that you run into the issue. (Lutron RA doesn’t because it’s all local.)

So I guess the first question is how important is it that you have dimming control (rather than set levels) in the device? You might have to go to something like a tablet or WiFi phone dashboard if you really need that kind of dimming.

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I hadn’t thought about the delay. That is a good point.

I could live without the dimmer functionality. I didn’t use it much on the RadioRa system, though it was occasionally nice to have.

Can scene controls cycle between scenes with consecutive presses, so the first press would take it to 25% the second would take it to 50% etc. Then another button would cycle through scenes in the opposite direction?

Probably, it will depend on the specific device.

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webCoRE to create your scenes
Routines to trigger webCoRE Pistons
Amazon Echo for Voice Control of Routines (Scenes)
Tablet running Action Tiles for Visual and Tactile Control

I have also found great use in the extra features in the new GE Smart Dimmers and Switches such as double click up and down.


I just purchased three android smartphones at target for $15 each. Whatever comes down the pike, odds are these will be able to handle scene control as well as could be expected.

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Any idea what their standby power consumption is?