What are you automating? (UK hub)

It is already available on android wear by using the auto wear plugin for tasker and sharptools.
When I dock my watch every night and my phone is charging smartthings goes into night mode, arms the SHM and turns the nest down.
In the morning it does the opposite.


These are all fantastic ideas guys, It really gives some more ideas on what to do next. This is the sort of list ST needs to be publishing - saying although they don’t support these products the community has got them to work. Means I can check the list and go out and buy these products.

Its why I’m wanting to write a quick website on how to do some of the UK automations with ST and whats required for each setup. I will hopefully have something sorted over the bank holiday weekend.



@Regfixit where/what electric curtain rails do you have. This and blinds (roller/roman/venetian/duette or ideally all of these!) are one of my key selling points to the wife for HA but I’d like them to work with smartthings.



@Regfixit I’m also interested in your curtain setup. I currently have a Silent Gliss system on my lounge window which works brilliantly in closing the curtains at sunset or timed and opening is the same. Unfortunately it cannot be integrated into ST.
Very interested in what people are doing to automate other curtain tracks.

I’ve got light dimmers throughout the house with Fibaro dimmers, and have a couple of motion sensors in use.

I’m holding off on heat, currently dumb. I have a hot water tank, underfloor heating and normal radiators in most rooms, so need something with three zones at least. Quite tempted by Evohome, but Nest is starting to look promising. I’m waiting to see what happens really.

As for the doorbell, my plan is to put a Fibaro motion detector on top of the internal bell box. This will serve to switch lights on in the d/s hallway when motion is detected, and also, hopefully, it should pick up vibration from the doorbell ringing and be able to notify me/do something.

Also, I’m lucky enough to have an oven with Wifi which works with the Samsung SmartHome app. So, notifications are being sent (even when I’m not home, which can be a bit odd) for preheat finished/cooking finished/time remaining, and I have the ability to change cooking times. I’d like to give integration a go sometime.

As for the Fibaro dimmers, I know that the second switch can be made smart somehow so that it can (for instance) turn on smart bulbs via the ST hub. I just have to work this out.

ETA: I also have a few other things, Aeotec RGBW bulbs in a few lamps, also one in the porch (set to come on for a few hours at sunset), some Popp wireless switches and a soffit box mounted RGBW LED strip in the kitchen/diner.


i’m doing all the usual fare with lights/locks/heating etc… mainly using ZWave with a few Zigbee devices also. I am using Tado for my heating and Tado cooling for my AC and have this working well using the device types that the community and i wrote.
I have started automating my aquariums its been successful so far i.e the fish are still alive.

but i am chasing down a zwave problem which is causing reliability issues I have a number of developments in the works & planned but i am absolutely rammed with work so am struggling to find the time to work on them. these are

Full Tado Integration (written the smartapp and Handlers) but tado have refused to assist with the oauth flow. :angry: so thats still left to do.
ZoneMinder Integration… Event triggers etc…
Microsoft Band Integration (Started this but the MS band API is a bit limiting, so am still storyboarding the best approach)
LIFX Local LAN integration. I only have one LIFX bulb but there is a larger delay with it when activating due to the Cloud to Cloud integration. which openhab doesnt have with its channel which uses local LAN instead.
Airplane Presence Sensor (looked at this on a RPI so i can track when a plane is overhead my house, especially one i am flying so my family can give me a wave. got a bit stuck but its in the works with a far lower priority as its only a nice to have)


@TomM and @bobbles I am using these from ebay
I looked at the Silent Gliss, but these were at least half price. I was a bit doubtful, but have been really impressed with them. I have installed 4 sets, the longest is 4 metres and they work fine.

I haven’t yet integrated into ST, but I know how to. The rail comes with an infra red controller, plus a manual kepyad that plugs into the motor unit via RJ11 connection. THere is an optional timer module that also connects via RJ11 which I don’t have.

The manual controller has separate buttons for stop, open and close. These work as switches between a common wire in the RJ11 and separate wires for each function. I don’t have the diagram to hand but imagine line 1 is common, 2 is open, 3 is close and 4 is stop. By connecting 1 and 2 together briefly you open the curtains, 1 and 3 would close them, etc. I think the timer RJ11 socket has same lines plus a 12V DC supply for the timer unit.

I plan to wire up an RJ11 plug to some relays that are controlled by a Pi or Arduino (once I’ve learned how to set that up). Then integrate into ST as switches to start off with, once I’ve learnt more about making own device types I’ll probably come up with something slicker. Ideally I will use the timer socket since that I reckon also outputs a supply voltage that I can use to power the Pi/Arduino. Basically make the whole thing as small as possible so it can be attached to the motor unit out of sight.

Gist of operation - in ST app press switch to close curtain, Pi/arduino receives this and operates a relay that momentarily connects the common and corresponding wire on the RJ11 socket.

This is same approach I will use for my garage door.

Could you use a Fibaro shutter module for that?

Does that certain rail need a mains feed then? How do you make that neat without a cable trailing up your wall?

Did you have special electrics put in?

pretty sure its safe for a cable to be trailing up the wall as the curtain itself would hide it, at least mine would as they are floor length.

I think it could do the garage door, but it would be replacing the existing controller as it connects to the motor itself and switches live AC current. The curtains are 12v DC so it wouldn’t work for them. I’d rather keep existing controllers which have local “easy to understand” switches for the missus and just add relays to them to allow ST to operate as well.

The relays only have to handle low voltage, low current not the motor current itself.

They run off 12 V DC. So there is a plug in transformer and a cable running up the wall to the motor unit which is attached to the curtain rail. However, the cable is hidden by the curtain. Longer term, I’ll probably look to conceal it in the plaster.

I spent a long time looking for this also, i tried the different solutions but they all had issues IMHO as they are always paired with the sound/box and they dont give good enough control. the only exception was the Aeon Door Bell, but looking at them i do wonder how weatherproof the button is.

i ended up using a Fibaro Door Open/Close Sensor which is wired up to a standard Door Bell switch this gets the door button press into ST to work on, i do 3 things with that button press, i sound the door chime on my Zipato Siren (its quick within a second b4 it sounds) but its pretty quiet. if i then don’t open the door within 8 seconds i then get a voice announcement on my tablets in the various rooms telling me there is someone at the front door. and at the moment ST gets the door event it sends a web request to my zoneminder server which takes a snapshot from my front door camera and sends it to my phone with Pushalot (this bit takes just shy of 4 seconds to hit my phone) i can then unlock my door remotely if needed. which i did the other week when my sister in law came up to give me my B’day present, but we were out, i was notified so i called her then let her in so she could drop it off. its a cheap mans ring doorbell :slight_smile:

anyway here are some pics of the install.


Thanks for the info @Regfixit
I have seen these already but we are looking for curtain poles not curtain tracks.

Thanks again.

Thanks @Fuzzyligic

That looks like a straightforward workable solution, I had been considering somehow working on integrating adapting my wireless ringers to make it work but as they are sealed units it would be a destructive test.

I’ll definitely add this to the option list

Seeing that this has a input, I could use this with a hacked rain sensor from Marlin and some custom code to notify us when it rains so we can bring in the washing. I’d have another multi sensor connected to the peg bucket to know it wasn’t in the house so only notify when washing was out.

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i bought a fibaro UBS for exactly this purpose to try and modify my Swann doorbell, but it was nigh on impossible to open, i forced it in the end but this snapped the board. only after I got inside it did i find out that there were 2 screws underneath what i thought was the front of the doorbell casinh, but actually was an inlay glued on top of the front of the casing hiding these screws :slight_smile:

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Well I was writing a website but can’t complete as darn ST is broken for me ATM…not a great start.

Got loads of ideas from this thread and I will write about the ones I can, but the rest I might need to purchase the equipment to automate (where possible)

Anymore ideas are always fantastic



Just a small update on the curtain tracks.I have now automated these using a Raspberry Pi. Just used the GPIO pins, an NPN transistor and a 10k resistor to set up a simple switch and a bit of python on the Pi to handle the switching. It’s now at the point where I can run a shell script on the Pi to open or close them. Looking into how to get Smartthings app to invoke a shell script to run on the Pi now.

I have a tado. But it didn’t integrate with smarthings. Will check this out. May bring it out of the drawer !

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