What are the MAX number of ST Routers (Connect Home WiFi Mesh) that can be used nowadays?

I’m looking for options for wireless hubs/routers that are Z-wave compatible in a 10k+ square foot home. Last I checked the SmartThings mesh routers (like the ones I bought a few years ago) have a max number of units they can use to extend the network. Is there still a router limit or has Samsung allowed us to add more mesh routers? I’d like to blank at a 10,000 square foot house.

According to SmartThings…

“Avoid weak Wi-Fi with whole-home mesh coverage. A single hub covers up to 1,500 sq ft, and a 3 pack covers homes up to 4,600 square feet. Add up to 32 hubs for additional coverage.“

EDIT: If each hub expands the network by 1,500 sq ft, then the math adds up to 48,000 sq ft, but I think the outer lying areas would be too weak so you’d definitely want to position them closer. I don’t see where 10,000 sq ft would be a problem. I currently have 4 units and they completely cover 1/2 acre of my property.

Is that a new thing? I only ask because about a year and a half ago it was hard limited. I wonder if that’s something they extended. One easy way to find out. Appreciate the heads up!

I have only ever used the latest model… I edited my above comment to let you know that 4 units are completely covering 1/2 acre of my property. I have 7 cameras uploading to the cloud and they are all working well and the streams are always accessible via the app. (As long as my ISP is behaving, that is.)

I was previously capped at 5 routers, so let me see if I can get 6+ on there!

I’m somewhat confused by this statement. Routers don’t normally have anything to do with Z wave. And every Z wave network is limited to 232 devices total, including the hub.

If you were asking specifically about the product the “Samsung smartthings Wi-Fi router with plume” which combines a Wi-Fi mesh router with a smartthings hub (And so has a Z wave radio inside) or the similar but now discontinued product, “smartthings connect home,“ then those still face the same 232 max device limit for Z wave devices. As far as the number of sub hub’s you can connect to the Wi-Fi mesh, that is different between the two models. So which one do you have? If you got it a few years ago, it’s probably “connect home.“

@perduewv gave you the link for the current model, the one with plume. But that didn’t change the limits for the older “connect home“ model. And you cannot mix and match hubs of the two models, they aren’t using the same Wi-Fi mesh system.


@jdroberts (thanks for your other response in the other thread too!) At some point the Samsung mesh routers had an “upper limit” of 5 routers per network. I’d also like them to extend my z-wave network, but I was primarily concerned with the 5-router limit (if it still existed).

The original WiFi mesh version, the “smartthings connect home“ model did have a limit of five hubs and I don’t think that has changed. That model was discontinued a while ago.

The current Wi-Fi mesh version, the one that says “with plume“ can handle many more as mentioned above.

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… THAT’S the answer I was looking for. I’ve got an old system.


Still limited to four sub hubs for that model:

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Thank you for clarifying that @JDRoberts. Sometimes I miss little details like that when I try to do this while also trying to play with a 7-month old. lol

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Yours was the right answer for the current model. :sunglasses:. Since the model number hadn’t been specified, that was a reasonable assumption.