Wemos D1 Integration


(Crwickha) #1

Has anyone found a simple clean way to integrate the Wemos D1 into ST? Looks like there are some options with MQTT. There are lots of examples of people making a fake Wemo with the D1 which works well with echo. I have not had much success getting it to do anything useful in ST.

(cjcharles) #2

Have a look at my post below. It does all sorts of things with SmartThings and is built on a Wemos D1 so Im sure you can take various bits of code form it (the guide covers pairing, status updates, requests, actions…).
That said, the Wemos D1 is essentially the same as the NodeMCU and many other ESP8266 boards, so there are plenty of other options if you want further reading material.

(Crwickha) #3

Thanks, i will take a look!