WEMO Insight power meter

I recently added a few WEMO insight switches. I would like to create CoRE pistons based on power drawn on those switches. However, I don’t see the power meter readings being reported on the default devicetype.

Is there any custom devicetype that’d let me pull the power reading to be used in CoRE?


I suggest you read through this thread… I have been using an insight for over a year with this device type until replacing it will a zooz switch recently.

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Thanks for the link. I’ll read thru the long thread.

I already have a bunch of WEMO light switches and a couple WEMO makers which are working properly right now, and they are all tied to a bunch of smartapps. I worry running this custom WEMO connect is going to break what’s working right now.

Quick question: Can I selectively only associate the insight with this enhanced WEMO connect?

Hm… if you Wemos are working I would not touch them. I had lots of trouble with mine and could not get them connected without the app.

You could just try to install the device handler and manually change it for your device in the IDE. This should not affect any of your other devices.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I just installed the DH and it’s showing the power on the app.

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