WeMo Crock Pot

(Kevin Tierney) #1

Is there any support yet for the WeMo Crock Pot.? I just got mine but haven’t unboxed it yet. It looks like it’s not supported by IFTTT yet.

I’ve been thinking about learning some arduino and building a Internet connected meat thermometer to automatically switch it over to warm once the meat hits a certain temp, but if there is no way to programmatically control the Crock Pot, then there’s no reason to bother with the project.

(Edward Pope) #2

Looks like you will still need to build that project it only supports the following “Adjust cooking time, temperature, shift to warm or turn off using the Free WeMo App from your smart device” Looks like you can adjust the operating temp but not turn off if it achieves a certain temp.

Slow Cooking isn’t about reaching a certain temp anyway, it is about cooking slow and even. Some of my best meals are that way (SMILE)

(Kevin Tierney) #3

Yeah, I partly want to build it because I’ve been looking for a project to tinker with an arduino. But as of now, it appears to be limited to what is in the WeMo app.

I’ve occasionally have had some things come out a little dry so I thought about being smarter about the cooking times

(Edward Pope) #4

I certainly understand, I would say go for it. It is a fun project after all, and if it helps make your cooking better. Your GF will love you for it (SMILE)