Weekly Update from Alex - 07/02/16

This week we have been doing a lot of background work to prepare for some bigger updates in the future. We also focused on a few pain points and specific fixes that will make your SmartThings experience more enjoyable.

You maybe have been affected this past week with an issue that caused routines not to execute unless they were manually triggered. The problem that caused the erratic behavior has been identified and we have put safe guards in place that should keep this from happening in the future.

ZigBee join on Hub V1
There has been an issue with Zigbee device join that our engineering team has been working to resolve. This last week we pushed out a platform fix for this issue that should help Hub V1 customers join new devices. This is step 1 of a multipart fix and I will keep you updated on the rest of the fixes for Hub V1 joining.

Smart Home Monitor Clip Improvements
We found an edge case that would cause clips for Smart Home Monitor to not play when you viewed them. The fix we pushed resolves this edge case and if you were seeing issues with clips generating that should now be resolved.

I will be back next week to give you more updates. I hope all of you in the US have a very enjoyable 4th of July in the meantime!



Don’t leave me hanging, this is already the biggest firework I’ll see :sob::sob::sob:

More local processing? Bluetooth?


Sorry but what a load…

You are working on an edge case with v1 hubs when the rest of us are left hanging with such instability, broken features and not to mention, we couldn’t even submit support cases this past week cuz email was down., reallyt

So where is your focus, v1 hubs issues or current/next gen stuff.

Your only talk about a few issues this past week when there were many more so please, come clean with what is really going on

Truly disappointed


As a V1 Hub owner and user, I hardly consider the inability to join ZigBee devices to be an “edge case”.

Until SmartThings officially stops support for V1 Hubs, the 100K (?) Customers of those are just as important as everyone else, no?


You make a great point, then Alex shouldn’t have call it an “edge case”.

It’s disingenuous and assumes we don’t know what’s going on

I work for a medical/health care company and it’s so frustrating with Mktg gets involved, so much spin, very little reality


He didn’t call the Zigbee join an edge case. The edge case was the SHM video clip issue. And I imagine they had to fix that one because of their contractual obligations with their monitoring partners like ADT canopy ( which was announced but has not yet been released).


It really means larger updates towards stability and improvements. The track needs to be laid before the train can go anywhere.


Dang!! You mean the train is not moving yet? My V2 hub is still a beta product?


I dunno… the train must be moving plenty fast, because it sure crashes and burns a lot.


I must admit, for a steam engine is moving pretty fast. I cannot wait for them to discover the diesel.

Are you happy with the direction in which SmartThings is headed?

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I think it’s a bit premature to call it “mass exodus”. My personal reason for switching is lack of local control in SmartThings. There was some hope that with introduction of V2, local control would be possible, but there was no progress in this area whatsoever since its introduction last September. Limited local execution does not solve this problem. I realize that this is not something that can be “fixed”. It’s an architectural design problem that I’m convinced SmartThings is both unwilling and unable to undertake. Now, obviously, not everyone wants or needs local control. There’re many users who’re happy with everything being piped through the cloud, and that’s fine.


Hey, hey, I wasn’t calling it yet. I was just saying that is starting to shape up like a mass exodus :smile:

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Everything in Alex’s original post has been implemented. These updates are an extension of that post to show the continued work we are doing. We are also keeping it to the “here and now” meaning we want to tell you things we have done and what the outcome is instead of what we aspire to do. We are doing a lot of prep work right now for more improvements.

Improvements to the platform are ongoing and staged. But sometimes you have to slow down to speed up (prep work for larger changes).


Tone Deaf.

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Hey that’s great news! It sounds like everyone should be very happy and get back to trusting the platform. But instead, it seems to me, that they are not. Hmmm, everyone must be in vacation. I know @MichaelS is. Probably @ady624 will take a break soon.

Wait, I know! How about sharing some of those new tools that enabled the developers to know where the errors are coming from? I think that might energize the masses.

I don’t know, c’mon, help me out here. Why do you think people are so lethargic and distrustful of the direction in which this platform is going?


I’ve put ST on the back-burner for a bit, taking a look at current bugs and fixing them.


I mean come on… fancy fireworks flashing gifs. That’s what’s really important. And everyone telling us everything is good to go and on track.

Who needs substance?!??!

War is Peace.


I am a recent adopter and haven’t had many issues, but reading about everyone’s issues has caused me to put my old fashion door chimes back on my doors as I don’t want to risk a failure (my 2 year old opening the door and walking out) until feedback in the forums gets better.