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Weekly Update from Alex - 06/09/16

There have been many outages in the past where either SmartThings insisted they didn’t change anything (ref: ~March 13th), or insisted that couldn’t rapidly undo / rollback. (And there have have been a couple cases I know of when a rollback was performed…).

Glad I’m not the only one calling for full disclosure (please!) of this incident. I don’t know if it’s a realistic request, but I’m more than just curious…


I am following the status page, however, it’s not clear that it is actually providing the right information for this incident. For example, my Good Night routine did not fire and my Echo is not interested in interacting with SmartThings. The outage did not state there were any issues with the scheduler or web integration, even though it would make sense that both would be tiggered given the magnitude of the past few hours…

Should we just bury support in tickets for these things that are likely to be related to the incident that’s happening? Or do we just wait it out in uncertainty?

Just got the all clear alert and saw that the status page now shows everything operational…

Its not.

Can’t turn lights on with the app, etc… Only smart lighting stuff is working since it runs local.

I live in Ireland and just to say that the change to the smartthings platforms accuracy is amazing compered to when I first bought the system in November of last year. Keep up the good work.



Will ST please share the cause of the recent outage?

Without at least some transparency, it’s very difficult to maintain faith.


Unexpected events spike caught them off guard so increasing database capacity solved the problem. You may now reset your calendar reminder for another 45 days.


After the last outage, I ended up having to manually reset the hub as nothing would respond.

Since then, the system has been greased lightning. Working very quick and smooth.

@alex weekly update? :smile:


Bit more than a week. Holiday? @alex


is it me or is there another outage right now? don’t mean to cause a panic but I cannot access anything from ST. Smart tiles are showing a blank white screen or a cloud icon and I cannot open the app nor see the IDE. All blank pages.

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Yup… pretty much all dead as far as the mobile app and ide are concerned.

must be lots of “hot spots”

In case you guys didn’t get the memo:

Some users in North America are unable to access the SmartThings mobile app and Developer Tools, We are working to address the issue and will provide updates on our progress here.


““Weekly” Update”

When it’s convenient, and there is good news. LOL

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in a few weeks update

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I came home today and as I was walking home, I got an email that “some users” (maybe just those on this board?) were experiencing connectivity issues. My shm alarm was armed, but the door was unlocked (difficult to explain / prove, but a bug - i have a smart app that locks my door when the alarm is armed). Couldn’t disarm the alarm. And every time I tried to open the Android app it crashed. I wrote a note on the crash report like “this sucks guys.”

After manually disabling the siren and answering the call from Scout, and turning off all my lights (which come on in an intrusion) by hand like a heathen, I noticed that smart lighting wasnt working for the automation with my ST brand motion sensors and basic zwave light switches.

So, the connectivity issue knocked out my basic automation too? I thought some stuff like smartlighting executed without the cloud. Anyway…

A few weeks ago my brother in law asked about getting SmartThings to replace his Vera (for the integration with a paid monitoring service.) I said I couldn’t recommend SmartThings yet. I’m glad I didn’t.

I hope thIngs work out for SmartThings and the community. But I’m fed up and want a refund. This wasn’t the first thing but the last straw.


The official “smart lighting” automations can run when the smart things cloud is down, but only if they include only devices which are eligible to run locally. Which is some of the devices connected directly to the hub that are using standard device handlers. If you are using any custom code they can’t run locally. Also, integrations like harmony and the Phillips hue bridge require a smart things cloud even if the communications appears to be local. Smarttiles won’t work.

And the official smartthings mobile app won’t work, because it talks to the cloud. (It doesn’t have to, but that is the way that smart things designed it).

Also, I don’t think the scout integration can run locally, but you would need to check on that one. I know smartthings has no way of sending notifications if your Internet is down.

So if you have set some specific devices up ahead of time to run with a “smart lighting” automation, they should. Everything else needs the cloud.

Looks like the reason the smart lighting automation didn’t run is because the house was in “Away” mode and I couldn’t change to “Home”.

The Scout integration did work, in so far as Scout was notified and called me. SHM worked (turning on all lights, sounded the alarm.)

But the thing that bugs me is that nothing is externally accessible - the app was crashing (!) consistently and there’s really no way to just turn off the alarm. There’s no backup website, no fall back. How about an open SSH port on the hub or an httpd insurance running? Something.

Updates are as consistent as the product.

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