Webhook: Configure lifecycle for all devices regardless of capabilities?


Using webhook rest api, I’m looking for a way to setup my SmartApp to allow a user to configure and install all devices regardless of capability. Is there a way to set wildcard on capabilities during the CONFIGURATION lifecycle PAGE phase?

I would think it would be a poor experience to list each possible capability separately as a setting. Under the “groovy” method, it was “fairly easy” to allow the user to configure all devices in the preferences section. During installation, the user would be presented with a list of all devices with checkboxes (categorized by capability).

I’m using this page as reference:

where it says

Devices that match the specified capabilities will be eligible for selection. If multiple values are specified, only devices matching all requested capabilities will be eligible.

I’ve tried “”, “*” and even empty list for “capabilites”, but it doesn’t appear to do what i’m trying to accomplish.


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it looks like i can set up a setting for each capability and that works. the only issues is that i don’t see a way to default all devices to be selected. the user has to enter each capability and select the devices within that capability. i believe in the groovy method (at least on the web interface), the devices were selected by default.

I definitely think not.

ActionTiles groups device inputs into 5 Capabilities, and, unfortunately, none are selected by default. We encourage our Customers to connect all their Things into our app, but they have to click them one at a time.

thanks for the feedback! my memory failed me.

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Did you ever find the wildcard you were looking for? I’d like the same thing.

Take a look at the more detailed subscriptions page.

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The more capabilities you list, the narrower the focus. So, if you list two capabilities, the resulting devices must have both, not either-or.
However you can catch most devices if you use capability “sensor”. Apparently most devices are sensors.

Sensor (ie, has Attributes) and/or Actuator (ie, has Commands) used to be nearly ubiquitous standard “tagging” Capability claims on all Devices.

This is unfortunately no longer the case, as I believe these have been removed from the new API specifications.