I am new to smartthings and am attempting to write my first smart app. I am struggling with the capabilities function! I wish to use the same selection as used in the smart lighting app which gives various option for triggering an event. These include open/close and several other options and also sunset/sunrise, but cannot find the correct value for the capabilities object. Can anyone please help. Sorry if the terminology is incorrect. Many thanks.
Dave Bailey

I found the documentation to be very helpful when starting: http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/


Capabilities are just one type of input and only user to offer a filtered selection of the user’s Devices so the SmartApp knows what Commands and Attributes/Events they can expect.

Capability Switch, for example, will be claimed by devices that offer on/off Commands and on/off events/currentState.

A single Device can claim several Capabilities (eg., SmartSense Multi has Contact, Temperature, Acceleration).

By filtering on Capability, your SmartApp doesn’t need to know the brand, model, radio-network protocol of the users devices. Your SmartApp can trust the standard Commands and Attributes will be available.


But SmartApps can have other inputs that are less structured. Mode, Time, true/false, …