WebCore Piston - Reset Aeon HEM Gen5 the first of the month

Mods please delete if cross posting is an issue, but I don’t think the WebCoRE community gets as many visits as this one.

I posted this: https://community.webcore.co/t/home-energy-monitor-calendar-kwh-reset/11378

Can anyone provide assistance? Does it look like I created the piston correctly if I want to reset the kWH at the beginning of every month?

Use the Timer Block.

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Do you know, by chance, if the “resetmeter” action is correct versus simply “reset”? Is there a way for me to test it running “in production” where it actually executes so I can see if it resets the meter versus simply running the piston to make sure there are no errors?

Thank you!

EDIT - tag @ClassicGOD if there is any direction per the DTH that you wrote.

Just create a “Do” Piston with a command to test it. A “Do” Piston only has an Action Block. You can run it by pressing Test.

While the webcore forum understandably doesn’t get as many visits as this one, it gets more visits from the webcore experts, so you are still best off posting questions of this type there. :sunglasses:

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Not sure if this helps, but I have a V2 and use my own smartapp to reset the meter on the on 28th of each month. I use a reset()

This one works to reset my KWH every night at 12am for the Gen5 Device handler for HEM

Gen5 Device Handler Im using

Simple Webcore Code