Reset my device after trying a piston

Getting better at using webcore, but cannot figure on how to reset a z-wave device. What I mean is, in my case, using a Homeseer WD-200+, I applied a piston to it that I found and it works as expected, but now want to revert this device back to what it was prior to applying the actions within the piston. Not seeing a way on app or ide to revert back or the like. Is this possible? My searching found things to the affect of settings, but nothing I am seeing allows this.

Anyone able to provide some guidance on this?

You should be able to use the capture/restore attributes in webcore. Capture the attributes and store in a variable, perform your actions and then restore the attributes that you had captured. Best advice is to head over to the webcore forum at and search for the capture/restore attributes in the example piston section or post an image of your current piston over there and the folks will gladly assist with building your piston :slight_smile: