webCoRE Connector - two way webCoRE integration framework for developers


( I hate Mondays) #1

Hi guys, I’ve written a little connector that should help you integrate webCoRE. As you probably know, webCoRE now supports multiple installed instances, making the listing of pistons a little more complicated. The connector is (hopefully) handling that right.

/* webCoRE Connector v0.2                                                */
/*  Copyright 2016 Adrian Caramaliu <ady624(at)gmail.com>                */
/*                                                                       */
/*  This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify */
/*  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by */
/*  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or    */
/*  (at your option) any later version.                                  */
/*                                                                       */
/*  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,      */
/*  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of       */
/*  GNU General Public License for more details.                         */
/*                                                                       */
/*  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License    */
/*  along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.*/
/*  Initialize the connector in your initialize() method using           */
/*     webCoRE_init()                                                    */
/*  Optionally, pass the string name of a method to call when a piston   */
/*  is executed:                                                         */
/*     webCoRE_init('pistonExecutedMethod')                              */
/*  List all available pistons by using one of the following:            */
/*     webCoRE_list() - returns the list of id/name pairs                */
/*     webCoRE_list('id') - returns the list of piston IDs               */
/*     webCoRE_list('name') - returns the list of piston names           */
/*  Execute a piston by using the following:                             */
/*     webCoRE_execute(pistonIdOrName)                                   */
/*  The execute method accepts either an id or the name of a             */
/*  piston, previously retrieved by webCoRE_list()                       */
private webCoRE_handle(){return'webCoRE'}
private webCoRE_init(pistonExecutedCbk){state.webCoRE=(state.webCoRE instanceof Map?state.webCoRE:[:])+(pistonExecutedCbk?[cbk:pistonExecutedCbk]:[:]);subscribe(location,"${webCoRE_handle()}.pistonList",webCoRE_handler);if(pistonExecutedCbk)subscribe(location,"${webCoRE_handle()}.pistonExecuted",webCoRE_handler);webCoRE_poll();}
private webCoRE_poll(){sendLocationEvent([name: webCoRE_handle(),value:'poll',isStateChange:true,displayed:false])}
public  webCoRE_execute(pistonIdOrName,Map data=[:]){def i=(state.webCoRE?.pistons?:[]).find{(it.name==pistonIdOrName)||(it.id==pistonIdOrName)}?.id;if(i){sendLocationEvent([name:i,value:app.label,isStateChange:true,displayed:false,data:data])}}
public  webCoRE_list(mode){def p=state.webCoRE?.pistons;if(p)p.collect{mode=='id'?it.id:(mode=='name'?it.name:[id:it.id,name:it.name])}}
public  webCoRE_handler(evt){switch(evt.value){case 'pistonList':List p=state.webCoRE?.pistons?:[];Map d=evt.jsonData?:[:];if(d.id&&d.pistons&&(d.pistons instanceof List)){p.removeAll{it.iid==d.id};p+=d.pistons.collect{[iid:d.id]+it}.sort{it.name};state.webCoRE = [updated:now(),pistons:p];};break;case 'pistonExecuted':def cbk=state.webCoRE?.cbk;if(cbk&&evt.jsonData)"$cbk"(evt.jsonData);break;}}

You will need webCoRE v0.2.0bb at a minimum for this to work. Please be aware that providing a callback function during the webCoRE_init() is fairly expensive, as your SmartApp will run on every single piston execution, so don’t provide a callback function if you don’t need to know when pistons executed.

If using a parent-child SmartApp, use this in the parent SmartApp and make the webCoRE_list and webCoRE_execute public, so that you can call them from the child as parent.webCoRE_list and parent.webCoRE_execute

You can pass data to a piston while executing it, simply provide a Map in the data parameter:

webCoRE_execute('test piston', [param1: 'a', param2: 'b'])

I strongly recommend using the IDs when storing information about a piston or trying to execute one, as names may change.

This is the initial release and may change as webCoRE gets closer to RC status. I will update the code here, if it changes.

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(HousePanel Author) #2

Thought I would post the fact that I used this successfully to link WebCoRE to HousePanel here in this thread. Nice work.

(Ron Talley) #3

I have 6 installs of CoRE because of the slow down factor once you get over a certain number of Pistons per install. I though webCoRE addressed this?

Is there a reason why a second install is needed outside of the limitation that ST has put on child apps?

Am I safe to assume that every Piston is considered a child app?