webCoRE Connector - two way webCoRE integration framework for developers

Hi guys, I’ve written a little connector that should help you integrate webCoRE. As you probably know, webCoRE now supports multiple installed instances, making the listing of pistons a little more complicated. The connector is (hopefully) handling that right.

/* webCoRE Connector v0.2                                                */
/*  Copyright 2016 Adrian Caramaliu <ady624(at)gmail.com>                */
/*                                                                       */
/*  This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify */
/*  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by */
/*  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or    */
/*  (at your option) any later version.                                  */
/*                                                                       */
/*  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,      */
/*  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of       */
/*  GNU General Public License for more details.                         */
/*                                                                       */
/*  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License    */
/*  along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.*/
/*  Initialize the connector in your initialize() method using           */
/*     webCoRE_init()                                                    */
/*  Optionally, pass the string name of a method to call when a piston   */
/*  is executed:                                                         */
/*     webCoRE_init('pistonExecutedMethod')                              */
/*  List all available pistons by using one of the following:            */
/*     webCoRE_list() - returns the list of id/name pairs                */
/*     webCoRE_list('id') - returns the list of piston IDs               */
/*     webCoRE_list('name') - returns the list of piston names           */
/*  Execute a piston by using the following:                             */
/*     webCoRE_execute(pistonIdOrName)                                   */
/*  The execute method accepts either an id or the name of a             */
/*  piston, previously retrieved by webCoRE_list()                       */
private webCoRE_handle(){return'webCoRE'}
private webCoRE_init(pistonExecutedCbk){state.webCoRE=(state.webCoRE instanceof Map?state.webCoRE:[:])+(pistonExecutedCbk?[cbk:pistonExecutedCbk]:[:]);subscribe(location,"${webCoRE_handle()}.pistonList",webCoRE_handler);if(pistonExecutedCbk)subscribe(location,"${webCoRE_handle()}.pistonExecuted",webCoRE_handler);webCoRE_poll();}
private webCoRE_poll(){sendLocationEvent([name: webCoRE_handle(),value:'poll',isStateChange:true,displayed:false])}
public  webCoRE_execute(pistonIdOrName,Map data=[:]){def i=(state.webCoRE?.pistons?:[]).find{(it.name==pistonIdOrName)||(it.id==pistonIdOrName)}?.id;if(i){sendLocationEvent([name:i,value:app.label,isStateChange:true,displayed:false,data:data])}}
public  webCoRE_list(mode){def p=state.webCoRE?.pistons;if(p)p.collect{mode=='id'?it.id:(mode=='name'?it.name:[id:it.id,name:it.name])}}
public  webCoRE_handler(evt){switch(evt.value){case 'pistonList':List p=state.webCoRE?.pistons?:[];Map d=evt.jsonData?:[:];if(d.id&&d.pistons&&(d.pistons instanceof List)){p.removeAll{it.iid==d.id};p+=d.pistons.collect{[iid:d.id]+it}.sort{it.name};state.webCoRE = [updated:now(),pistons:p];};break;case 'pistonExecuted':def cbk=state.webCoRE?.cbk;if(cbk&&evt.jsonData)"$cbk"(evt.jsonData);break;}}

You will need webCoRE v0.2.0bb at a minimum for this to work. Please be aware that providing a callback function during the webCoRE_init() is fairly expensive, as your SmartApp will run on every single piston execution, so don’t provide a callback function if you don’t need to know when pistons executed.

If using a parent-child SmartApp, use this in the parent SmartApp and make the webCoRE_list and webCoRE_execute public, so that you can call them from the child as parent.webCoRE_list and parent.webCoRE_execute

You can pass data to a piston while executing it, simply provide a Map in the data parameter:

webCoRE_execute('test piston', [param1: 'a', param2: 'b'])

I strongly recommend using the IDs when storing information about a piston or trying to execute one, as names may change.

This is the initial release and may change as webCoRE gets closer to RC status. I will update the code here, if it changes.


Thought I would post the fact that I used this successfully to link WebCoRE to HousePanel here in this thread. Nice work.

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I have 6 installs of CoRE because of the slow down factor once you get over a certain number of Pistons per install. I though webCoRE addressed this?

Is there a reason why a second install is needed outside of the limitation that ST has put on child apps?

Am I safe to assume that every Piston is considered a child app?

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Hey @ady624 any changes to this? I have been using it for two years without any troubles but thought I would ask to be sure.

Sorry, no changes since. Haven’t had time to touch it at all.

I have tried to use this command in my smartapp as stated and it doesn’t appear to get transferred into the piston. Is there something that has to be done in the piston to call this value? For example I have a integer in the piston set to blank and then i am trying to update the value of that integer to make sure it is working but it just stays blank. Am I missing something?